13 Things that Can Make or Break the Deal for Used Car

13 Things that Can Make or Break the Deal for Used Car

You should never agree to buy a second hand car before it is thoroughly inspected by a professional. This professional can be your own trusted mechanic. But before you even get a mechanic, here is a check list of a few things that you should look for when discussing a deal for used Mahindra XUV500 in Bangalore.

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  1. Check every single tyre properly for its condition. If the tyres do not match in brand and size then ask your seller why the difference.
  2. If the wheels have spokes then check the disc brake rotors to see if they have been scored or not.
  3. Check for fluid leakage under the car when the engine is on and is off.
  4. Check the lock and unlock mechanism of all the doors for the car.
  5. Check the condition of the trunk and the trunk door. If the trunk door has a hydraulic system, then make sure that it is able to hold the trunk door up.
  6. Get the seller to sit in the car and operate the headlights, brake lights, and side lights as you check them from outside.
  7. Check the hinges on the doors for signs of rust.
  8. Lift the carpet or floor mats and check for signs of rust to the bottom of the car.
  9. Check if the car has an odour left in it when the AC is switched off.
  10. During the test drive, try to clock 60 mph to check if the car is shaking or vibrating.
  11. During the drive, check how the steering wheel holds at low speed as well as high speed.
  12. Check how easy it is to change gears.
  13. When applying brakes check if the car pulls on one side.


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