5 Things to Know About Auto Accident Attorneys

5 Things to Know About Auto Accident Attorneys

People frequently have misconceptions about what happens when they hire an auto accident attorney. Knowing some of the ins and outs of what an auto accident attorney will do for you should you hire one is helpful before you undertake a lawsuit. Whether you’re hiring a auto accident attorney Denver, CO-based or elsewhere, here are five things to know:

  1. You Aren’t Necessarily Going to Court

One of the main misconceptions people have about hiring an auto accident attorney is that they are going to go to court. Most auto accident cases settle out-of-court, without going to trial. Auto accident lawyers can only settle with your consent, but once you give them the go-ahead, it is in the lawyer’s best interest to settle as quickly as possible for as much money as possible.

  1. Use Your Health Insurance

Using your health insurance to cover medical expenses before your case has settled is can be advisable, as certain kinds of insurance coverage will cover these costs without increasing your rates. Also, certain kinds of health insurance don’t require someone to be negligent within the case for you to receive your health benefits.

  1. You May Hear from your Attorney Sporadically

The process that happens after an auto accident and during the filing of an auto accident lawsuit is a long, complicated process. Some examples of the things your lawyer has to do include gathering witness statements, official reports, medical reports and bills, as well as solicit an offer from whichever insurance company is involved. Don’t let this mean you lose contact with your attorney; However, they should be in contact with you throughout the process.

  1. Give Your Creditors a Heads Up

An auto accident can be result in a financial disruption, so contacting your creditors ahead of time about delays in payments can save you a huge hassle.

  1. Additional Information

Some additional things to know are seek proper health care after an auto accident, even for minor injuries, and don’t sign paperwork related to your case that you have not gone over with your lawyer.

Anyone considering hiring an auto accident attorney Denver, CO-based or elsewhere should consider these points.

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