A Definitive Guide To Choosing Synthetic Grass Based On Your Needs

A Definitive Guide To Choosing Synthetic Grass Based On Your Needs

Using synthetic grass for your lawn provides a lot of benefits such as time and money-saving and less maintenance. But here comes the challenge. There is a wide range of synthetic grass products available, so choosing the best one can become intimidating.

But don’t you worry! Today the turf experts at Australian Synthetic Lawns will be showing you how to choose the right fake grass for your needs.

Uses of Artificial Grass

Synthetic grass can be used for several purposes. One of the major benefits is convenience, as fake grass does not need cutting or weeding and is therefore perfect for those who hate these gardening hassles.

Not only that, synthetic grass is also an ideal choice for tennis courts and other sports furnaces, and is beneficial in particular areas where soil is a problem, or where it is hard to grow good quality real grass due to exposure to environmental factors such as sunlight.

So, how do you choose the right synthetic grass? Actually, there are several factors to look into when choosing artificial turf. Buyers need to know their needs and have to choose the most suitable products.

Area to Cover

First off, you need to consider the area of your lawn that needs fake grass. This way, you would be able to determine the quantity of synthetic grass needed to complete the installation. At the same time, this will also give you an idea about the cost of the job. While it still depends on your budget, you may have to purchase a less costly product for a large area.

Colour Choice

Another factor to consider when selecting synthetic grass is the colour. Today, it’s a good thing for consumers that they have a wide selection of colours to choose from.  Modern production techniques mean it is possible for customers to get fake grass in a plethora of colours and varieties. One tip- look at the colour of the real grass, and choose a turf in a matching shade.


Knowing the usage and the location will help you determine the right type of fake grass that you need to buy. For instance, a pile of at least 30 mm is a smart idea for lawn improvement project, since it comes up with a soft environment for you to walk on, while also enjoying the sight of a realistic grass. For certain areas where garden furniture is a problem, a coarser, denser type is a more durable choice.

How to purchase synthetic grass on Australian Synthetic Lawns

Synthetic turf is a great way to keep your lawn tidy and neat with minimal maintenance effort. Choosing and purchasing quality turf in Sydney is seamlessly convenient. Thanks to the amazing search function available on the website. To find a fake grass, just punch in your keyword and then use filters in order to narrow down the results based on your set criteria.

Want to improve your pool area? Get the best artificial grass for pools from Australian Synthetic Lawns and enjoy your pool soon!


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