Champion Radiators – Manufactured With a Mission

Champion Radiators – Manufactured With a Mission

Legendary Champion all-aluminum radiators are quality cooling systems for trucks, classic cars, hot rods, and muscle cars. How have Champion radiators set the standard for reliability and high performance throughout the industry?

The manufacturing of Champion radiators depends on strong quality control, the best available metal grades, fully welded seams, and Brazed Core Technology. Tough and handsome, the Champion radiator fits right, and works trouble-free. To a professional driver, it is art.

Company ethic

Champion radiators come from a company that’s proud to announce its strong Christian ethic. One question that might arise is whether the workers who craft these radiators receive fair treatment in Chinese factories and whether U.S. workers should get these orders (and the higher pay commanded at U.S. sites). The company straightforwardly answers the question.

Champion radiators, to be cost-competitive, are manufactured in China. The design work is carried out in the U.S. The customer can state a preference for a U.S.-made radiator. The cost will be higher, because the wage standards in the U.S. apply. How much is the difference? The standard 2-row Champion radiator will run under $200 while the U.S.-made 2-row radiator with 1-inch tubes is closer to $300.

In this way, the company shows its customer base what we ordinary buyers can do. It offers the buyer the option to support the U.S. manufacturing sector’s future growth. Champion’s policy makes it clear that we are the ones putting our money into workers’ wages by actually picking U.S.-manufactured goods. Our own decisions channel money into the sites that hire area workers and build up their communities.

Giving Back

And while we’re on the subject, the Champion company’s mission statement includes a commitment to give back to its community by supporting efforts to meet local needs.

Whenever you make a commitment to U.S.-made parts, you’ll know that part of what you’ll be paying is a boost to factories in the United States. Note that all Champion radiators and American Eagle aluminum radiators will come from an ISO-certified factory. Champion makes radiators to give you years of great performance.

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