Contemporary Heartbeat of the Modern Hearth

Contemporary Heartbeat of the Modern Hearth

Who doesn’t love the warm, enticing and comforting sound of a crackling fire on a cool evening or rainy day?  A fire is more than just a way to keep warm; it gives warmth with its light as well as its heat, and when we look at a new place to live, the option of contemporary fireplaces are usually a big selling point.

Before the advent of electricity, fireplaces were the heart and soul of the home – the gathering spot, the place where food was cooked to sustain a family. It was the place where laundry was often hung to dry, water boiled for the washing. It was the refuge for comfort and familiarity, warmth and safety.

Laura Ingalls wrote about Pa playing his fiddle by the firelight; Louis XIV had over 1200 fireplaces installed at Versailles – using what was then an extremely modern ventilation system that produced less smoke. Ben Franklin invented a new stove design that generated more heat with less fuel that was wildly successful.  Thomas Jefferson had stunning cooking stoves in the Monticello kitchens. And in palaces and peasant homes across the world for thousands of years, it was the focal point of the home.

Stories were handed down around countless hearths throughout history, and history was built around the crackle and warmth of burning wood and coal. It was place for enjoying meals or shared company, for resting after a long, hard day or cold night. Fire meant life — ever since humans discovered it, we’ve been gathering around it. A hearth was the force that kept a home happy and healthy.

Home and hearth has come a long way from stone and brick — and modern, contemporary fireplaces can give a home all the advantages of the old-fashioned mantels and wood-burning stoves – with less cleanup, easier maintenance, and better safety.  New strides in energy efficiency have made contemporary fireplaces not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional and cost-effective. They’re a wonderful way of warming the home with eco-friendly and budget-savvy innovation, while also adding beauty and warmth.

Another advantage is that you can put a modern fireplace anywhere – the living room, the kitchen, bedroom, patio – even the bathroom if you want, and the design options are limitless. You can have everything from a finished stone design to modern glass, polished wood – or a new twist on the hearthstone or stovepipe that even our grandparents would love.  A contemporary fireplace can transform a comfortable room into a breathtaking, inviting space where everyone wants to be – creating a refuge of your own that is a beautiful, warm haven for you and your family.

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