Do you find yourself assigned the handling of a large event, and you’ve no idea how to deal with the traffic? Not only that, you need to keep the attendees in line. Where does one get the equipment for such things? What you need are delineators from a parking company. They keep traffic organized. They don’t cost an arm or a leg, and you’ll have them on hand for your next event.

Types of Delineators

These border or limiting items deflect both foot and wheeled traffic away from potentially harmful events, such as around construction sites or highway building or repair. Types of boundary items are more easily recognizable in the form of huge orange barrels or orange cones. Colored reflectors are used in people’s driveways to mark a safe route away from deep ditches, for example. Some people even put round or oblong reflectors on the corners of buildings, so people don’t inadvertently run into them.

Types of Boundary Identifiers

In new construction or road maintenance sites, people are guided by skinny sticks of mainly bright yellow. They sit on a weighted base. They come in different colors and are striped with reflective material. You could use blue, white, green, yellow or red. Lining the path you want your attendees to drive with end to end skinny boundary items or spacing them a bit wouldn’t take too much time. If you don’t want to use barrels or cones, there are bright orange directional signs sitting on weighted bases, so your attendees will immediately know in which direction to drive.

Sawhorses striped with yellow and black or orange and white or some other combination are available with which to direct your attendees. These can also mark off the area beyond which you don’t want anyone to park.

For other areas in your venue in which you want to direct attendees, skinny border items also come with rope such as are found in banks. Attendees will also notice reflectors placed on the floor and leading them to the area you wish. Defining items resembling a sandwich board are often striped with yellow or orange. Printed signs attached to them would tell your attendees what they need to know.

Delineators make life easier for event coordinators. You will find them at local parking supply stores.

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