GPS Tracking in the News

GPS Tracking in the News

GPS trackers have found use in many modern systems from the telephone in your pocket to tracking huge fleets of vehicles, to helping NASA and the military pull off exponentially more complex maneuvers that would have been impossible otherwise. But the prevalence of these devices has also had a number of unforeseen consequences that may even have the experts surprised. Here is a summary of some of these more unexpected developments in GPS related events.

NYC Put a Stop to Fraudulent Inspections

GPS tracking has enabled officials in New York to stop building inspectors from commuting fraud. This is a response to an incident in 2016 wherein a building inspector falsely reported that a crane, which had collapsed a few days later, had been fully and properly inspected prior to the deadly collapse. By collecting GPS vehicle data, the city plans to dissuade future recurrences of poor business practices of this kind.

GPS Tracker Equipped Tow Trucks Recovered

Recently, two large tow trucks were recovered after being stolen overnight. Two tow truck company owners arrived at work early Monday morning to find their main fleet vehicles had been stolen. According to the victims, they had been away for the weekend and the theft could have occurred at any time during a 48 hour period. Ordinarily, this would make recovery especially difficult. But with the use of the installed GPS systems, the two large trucks were easily traced to an employee’s home.

Celebrities Take a Shine to GPS Coordinate Tattoos

It has become quite popular among Hollywood celebs to create records of such things as the location of their children’s births, their weddings, and other major events by getting the GPS coordinates tattooed on their bodies. Angelina Jolie, for example, has the coordinates of the birthplaces of all her children recorded in the form of a tattoo on her thigh.

GPS Used in Important Black Bear Study

A military grade GPS tracker was used to track the movements of Black Bears in North Carolina. The satellite integrated system helped researchers and public safety personnel to keep tabs on the animals in an effort to both understand their behavior, and to warn locals should one of these animals wander too near to a populated area. GPS tracking has been widely used by naturalists in recent years to add a robust layer of data over their studies which has revealed much about animal behavior on a year by year basis.

The Ethics of GPS for Child Tracking

A major debate has been escalating recently over whether or not it is ethical to implant geo-tracking devices in infants. The technology has been used to recover and protect children from abductors on numerous occasions. Some say the invasive procedure can be foregone by simply marking the child in a way that will make potential kidnappers believe the child has been chipped.


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