Every good business in the 21st century thrives on running an online platform. There are so many websites on the World Wide Web and each one of them relies on a hosting service provider such as In motion hosting. This makes it important to pick a reliable hosting service and the need to consider some factors such as:

  • The amount of hand-holding you need for your site matters. The basic customer services that are paramount include email access, phone support and turnaround time. If you are lucky you could get one that offers 24hour phone support.
  • The popularity of your website is equivalent to the amount of traffic you have. Knowing this will help in determining the amount of storage and bandwidth needed to cater for all the traffic. Paying for a good plan will ensure that the site runs smoothly all through.

  • Making sure that you own your domain name. This gives you the ability to change hosting service if you’re not pleased in the long run.
  • There are different types of server types which include shared servers, VPS (Virtual Private Network), dedicated server and Cloud Server. Each of these servers offer varied hosting services. An example is the shared hosting where the site performance is dependent on the load of other sites put on the host. Learning about all of them is important before settling on a host.
  • Understand the terms of service of the hosting providers. This applies to some providers who may shut you down when a certain usage level is achieved even if they offered unlimited bandwidth and storage.
  • The hosting providers sometimes change the hosting plans. Thus picking a portable content management system is key as you don’t get locked to just one host. This goes hand in hand with having a backup practice.

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