How to Claim Third Party Insurance

How to Claim Third Party Insurance

If you own a car or are planning to buy one, apart from the car details there is something that you should be well aware of and that is your car insurance policy. It is often seen that people buy insurance without any knowledge and then do not know how to use it. One aspect of car insurance policy which must be known by every individual on the road is third party insurance cover. It is highly possible that while you are driving or even walking on the road, you can meet with an accident which happens due to the negligence of the driver. In these cases, the third party car insurance cover helps and due to these reasons, a third-party insurance cover is mandatory.Internet and technology have made many aspects of our life easier and the same is applicable to the field of insurance as well.

Process to Settle a Third Party Insurance Claim

If there is any damage or any bodily injury as a cause of a car accident, a claim against the car owner can be filed under the third party car insurance cover. If your car has caused any injury or damage to the third party a claim can be filed against you as well. In both these cases,the claim will be settled by the insurance company which has issued the car insurance policy. The extent of damage and the severity of the injury is what will decide the claim amount. In short, third party insurance helps the driver of the vehicle or the car owner from any financial loss, legal liability, property damage, accidental liability.

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Injury, disability or death of the third party

In case of an accident which causes any injury or disability and in some cases death, a claim can be filed by the victim or his dependent family members.

The first step is to file a first information report (FIR) which will give all the details of the event in a sequential manner. The FIR will also have details of the damage and of the parties involved. The insurance policy and other important documents need to be submitted along with the FIR.

Once this is done, all these documents have to be submitted to the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal. Before filing the documents, you must see in which jurisdiction the accident took place. On the basis of the documents submitted and the FIR, the tribunal can provide its judgement and on the basis of this decision, the claim settlement and the compensation amount is decided.

The law also provides an option to the claimant and the car owner to make an out of court settlement but this depends on the severity of the accident. In the case of total disability and death, it is often seen that the cases are settled by the tribunal as the dependants of the victims like to follow the procedure to settle the claim.

Property damage of the third party

As per the motor vehicle act, a third party can claim compensation if there is any damage caused to their property. A similar process has to be followed to file this claim. Firstly, a FIR needs to file at the nearest police station and then the documents need to be submitted to the Motor Accidents Claims Tribunals. The claim is then settled as per the decision of the tribunal. The main difference between both these claims is that in the case of property damage a claim can be filed for a maximum amount of Rs. 7.5 lakhs.

Things to Keep In Mind

The following things are important and should be kept in mind when filing a third party insurance claim:

  • As soon as the accident has happened, the car insurance company should be informed
  • The car owner also needs to know about the claim and the damage imposed
  • The FIR should be filed at the nearest police station
  • The relevant documents along with the FIR should be submitted to the tribunal
  • All the relevant facts should be clearly mentioned in the FIR and in the right sequence

Accidents can happen anytime and there are several rights which the affected person has. Due to this reason, having a clear understanding of the claim process is a must.

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