How to find the best protein bar for you

How to find the best protein bar for you

The best protein bars don’t have to be the most expensive. But, of course, it could be. There is much to consider, and the stakes are higher than you might think. Many protein bars on the market offer plenty of protein from whey, vegetables or other sources, but how much of it can your body absorb and use? And how much sugar is in the bar? Flavor is an important consideration, but it must be balanced with healthy nutrition.

Marketing or Nutrition?

You hunt for the best protein bar will take you down aisle after aisle of bars promising to be the best. Great marketing can make even low-quality foods look amazingly healthy. Flashy wrappers, large-print promises and misleading pictures can make a protein bar seem better than it actually is. Turn the bar over and look at the nutrition facts to see how they stack up against the bar’s marketing angle.

Too much sugar is bad, plain and simple. However, it is for you to decide how much protein justifies the amount of sugar in your protein bar. Fitting protein bars into your diet is entirely dependent on your goals. How many calories can you afford? Do you want to replace a meal or just enjoy a healthier snack? For a slightly more filling, better alternative to a candy bar, you might not mind getting a good dose of sugar with your protein. But if you’re looking to lose weight, we suggest you stay far away from super-high sugar bars.

What Kind of Protein?

If you’re looking to build muscle, it is important to know what type of protein you’re eating. Whey protein tends to be the most popular, and for good reasons. It is less expensive without sacrificing quality. it’s naturally derived from milk. It is what’s called a “complete protein” meaning it has all the necessary ingredients to keep your muscles growing and healthy and utilizing the optimum amount of protein.

Vegan bars usually use pea or soy protein. These are fine if you are trying to stay away from animal products. However, they aren’t complete the way whey is. Your body won’t absorb as much protein.

Yeah, but how does it taste?

Counter to candy bars, protein bars seem to consider flavor last. We understand. If you were just looking for a tasty snack, you would have opted for a candy bar or a high-carb granola bar. But please! Protein comes in many delicious forms and there’s no need to sacrifice delicious flavor when seeking the best protein bar. You’ve got to eat the thing, after all. You might as well make sure it’s tasty too.

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