Industrial Hoses for different purposes

Industrial Hoses for different purposes

Proflex Hose has an array of flexible hoses that are tailored to suit your individual needs and requirements, no matter what industry you work in. Every application requires a unique purpose so when it comes to finding the right industrial hose for the job, look no further than Proflex Hose.

What types of industrial hoses are there?


Who hasn’t seen a hose pipe for the garden before? Renowned for their green colour and flexibility, you needn’t worry about having to water the lawn, ever again! The water hoses are designed to offer high quality and to withstand pressure.

If you need a flexible hose for your garden, the water hoses are ideal. they are substantially smaller than the hoses used for irrigation but they operate smoothly and efficiently.


The chemical hoses are used to transport chemicals. These can often be in the form of the stainless steel hose which can resist corrosion and chemicals.

Proflex Hose supply the braided stainless steel hose to suit specific projects, hence why they have a non-stick inner surface. If you have to handle corrosive fluids, you need to know that your chemical hose is safe and that it will perform reliably.


For metal handling.

If you need your flexible hose to have the ability to transport gas, and countless other substances, an abrasive hose is ideal!

Not only are these flexible hoses highly resistant, they’re designed to be hard wearing and extremely durable.

Stainless Steel.

Proflex Hose supplies the Braided Stainless Steel Hose that can be used for transporting fluids and gases. These are exactly what you need if you want to use a hose that offers excellent value for money.

The stainless steel hose is manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures and corrosion, so if you’re looking for a reliable solution, you can’t go wrong with Proflex Hose’s variety of flexible hoses!



These are your multi-purpose hoses which are suited to various applications. They are flexible and easy to maintain- making them appropriate for the automotive, steam and refrigeration industry.


With these, Proflex Hose allow you to customise the hose. Although they are already flexible, the PTFE smoothbore hose is ideal for heat treatment and quality control.  This type of hose can be manufactured to offer maximum flexibility- ensuring you it fits seamlessly to your application.


The composite hose is yet another type of industrial hose supplied by Proflex Hose. You’ll need one of these if you need to transfer fluids like chemicals and oils because the hose is durable enough to accommodate immense pressures. A composite hose is used to improve suction and discharge of petrol’s so it’s no surprise it needs to be efficient!

Rather than struggling to choose the right hose, speak to one of the Proflex Hose experts today!
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