Knowing the Law and Finding the Right Attorney

Knowing the Law and Finding the Right Attorney

The legal system we enjoy today has a beginning going back to 1280 BC. Over the years there have been many changes resulting in the civil law that is used today.

Different laws on the books today include: Personal Injury Law, Real Estate Law, Tax Law, Admiralty (Maritime) Law, Bankruptcy Law, Business (Corporate) Law, Civil Rights Law, Criminal Law, Entertainment Law, Environmental Law, Family Law, Health Law, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Law, Labor (Employment) Law, and Military Law. Each of these laws have specific procedures that must be followed.

A lawyer must pass an extensive test regarding rules and regulations, in most of the above subjects, in order to receive their license to practice law. However, to be efficient and correctly represent their client, they specialize on specific fields of law.

The two fields that many lawyers concentrate on are malpractice and personal injury. In both cases, most will collect their fee when the case is settled. This makes it possible for an injured party, who does not have a lot of money, to receive the representation he or she needs to be compensated. This is especially important for people who have been seriously injured and require medical attention and/or long term care.


The dictionary lists malpractice as “Improper, illegal, or negligent professional activity of treatment, especially by a medical practitioner, lawyer or public official– Professional misconduct, breach of ethics, unprofessionalism, unethical behavior.”

A lawyer who specializes in this type of law must be familiar with all the state and federal statues regarding malpractice. This means that he or she is well prepared to represent their client when they have incurred this type of treatment.


This is a common area that many lawyers specialize in. Whether injured on the job, in an accident, car wreck, wrongful death, product liability or other areas, a lawyer practicing in this field is well aware of all the requirements involved. This may include contacting an insurance company, sending an investigator to the scene of an accident and so forth. Knowledge of numerous laws and statues are required to work in this area of client representation.

Contacting the right attorney when you have a legal problem is essential if you are to receive a favorable legal decision on your behalf. TJ Smith is one of the attorneys who specializes in the above subjects. Upon contact, he will sit down with you and record your comments regarding the offense. There is no charge for this service.

If it is determined that you have a case he will represent you with insurance companies and other people involved. This relieves you of trying to determine the right thing to do. If required, an investigator will check out accident scenes or interview other people involved. At any time there is a question, phone calls are welcomed. This way you can be appraised of the case’s progress at all times.

Being aware of your rights when you have been injured makes it possible to contact a reliable attorney who can give you proper representation. Consultation at no cost is the way to go.

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