Luxury Pontoon Boats

Luxury Pontoon Boats

Although the idea of the pontoon boat may go back hundreds or even thousands of years, to when men first had the idea of attaching a deck to floating logs or inflated animal skins, the modern pontoon boat industry in the US dates back only to the early 1950s.

Several companies manufacturing pontoons emerged at the same time, but all if their designs were primitive by the standards of today. The floats might have been aluminum or steel cylinders, the decking very basic. But designs advanced very rapidly through the 1960s and beyond, with an ever increasing emphasis on superior performance and comfort. So the luxury pontoon of today is a very different craft indeed from those of even the relatively recent past.

High Performance

Modern pontoon boats retain the advantages of stability and maneuverability that attracted so many customers – often first time boaters – to the early models. But their performance has advanced beyond all recognition.

Today’s pontoons are light, and equipped with a powerful outboard motor, some models carry two, and can achieve speeds approaching 60 mph, with acceleration to around 30 mph in a matter of a few seconds.

Different levels of performance are of course available according to your budget and the activities you plan to use the boat for, but all modern pontoons offer impressive speed and stability.  Many modern pontoons now also often offer the option of keels to protect the floats from damage and further enhance stability.

There have also been great advances in maneuverability; modern power steering and joystick systems allow for great precision, which is particularly important when docking in crowded marinas.

Water Sports and Activities

The performance of the modern luxury pontoon makes it ideally suited to a wide range of aquatic sports and activities. These include:-

  • Water skiing – traditional, slalom or barefoot,
  • Tubing
  • Wake and knee boarding
  • Swimming and diving
  • Water sliding
  • Fishing

Recommended speeds vary for each of these and for waterskiing in particular you will need to look for a higher horsepower engine, capable of providing speeds of at least 25 mph. You will also need a tow bar.

For swimming and diving you will need a suitable platform and, for water sliding and fishing, probably an upper deck. If the latter is your passion you’ll find that many models now feature equipment storage areas, rod holders, live wells and coolers.

Some of the above will be standard features on some models: others will be optional extras and you will need to discuss your precise requirements with your manufacturer or dealer to make sure you get the pontoon that is right for you.

Relaxing and Entertaining

But if all this seems a little too energetic, it’s now easy to find pontoons featuring comfortable front and rear decks designed for simply lounging in the sun.

In the main seating area you can choose from numerous options designed to maximize your enjoyment as you entertain family and friends to a meal or party on board.

Luxury pontoons can now be fitted with gas grills, bars and fridges. Good food and drink can be enjoyed in atmospheric but well-ventilated lounges. Padded suspension seating designed for the ultimate in comfort is now a standard feature and some models now even offer electronic reclining seats which can be used as overnight beds if weather permits.

If you’re planning an afternoon or evening party most luxury models are now also fitted with excellent sound systems and some with atmospheric LED colored lighting.

The Great American Summer

In conclusion, it can safely be said that with a little forethought and planning you’re certain to be able to find a pontoon boat which will provide you, your family and friends with the perfect way to enjoy those precious months of summer and store a lifetime of memories.


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