Preparedness: Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Preparedness: Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Car accidents happen all the time, and you should be prepared. You need to know what to do after an accident and what you should have. Vehicular accidents are becoming more commonplace in the US, which makes it imperative that you know what to do.

Accident Report Form

There are different accident report forms depending on your state. It is important that you download the form that corresponds with your state. This might change if you are traveling through a few states, which means you will need to download a few of them, but hopefully you do not travel often. Having this form will help you fill out the information you need after an accident and ensure all details are perfectly stated for future review.

Safety Steps

It is important that you take safety measures after an accident. For example, check to see if you or anyone in your car is injured. Be sure to move your car to a safe location unless injuries could be worsened if you move. Those who can move to a safe location should do so, and turn on your emergency lights and place your emergency cones around your vehicle. Be sure to purchase these cones or even emergency flares if you do not have them, and keep them in your car just in case.

Make the Calls

You need to make a few important calls. Start with a call to 911 services if they have not arrived. You also want to call your insurance company and report that you have been in an accident. After this, you might want to call Wilmington car accident attorneys for further assistance. Language is very important, especially if you are going to pursue legal action after an accident. For example, you cannot admit fault at the scene, which can help your lawyer win your case if necessary.

Listen to the Police

It is important that you listen to the highway patrol and be as cooperative as you can be. This is a stressful situation for everyone involved, so you have to try your best to stay calm, and be clear with your answers. You may be told to move your car or to stay in your car until a tow truck comes should your car be immovable. The point is to listen.

Gather Information

The police are going to write up a written report of the accident, which you can help with if you have already filled out your own accident report form. Keep your copy because cops do not always give you theirs, even if you ask. You should still ask; just do not insist. You might also want to use your phone to record contact information or even statements from witnesses. Take photographs of the environment like the condition of the roads to the position of the sun, which can all be helpful.

These are just some of the things you have to do after an accident. Try to listen to your lawyer most of all to make sure that every step you take is the right one. As mentioned above, listen to the cops as well.

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