Screen Future Tenants the Professional Way

Screen Future Tenants the Professional Way

Landlords and property managers have several pressing concerns when trying to fill rental vacancies. On one hand, every unfilled vacancy represents money lost. However, filling a vacancy with the wrong tenant is likely to lead to trouble and financial loss. It is for this reason, carefully screening tenants prior to having them sign a lease or rental agreement is a very good idea.

Questions to ask

One important thing to look for is whether your potential tenant has resided in their last space for a sufficient amount of time. Sometimes having to move on a recurring basis is linked to unexpected job transfers. This may not be the fault of the employee at all. Just the same, it may mean that this potential tenant would be better served with short-term housing or a month-to-month agreement.

Screen prior to renting

Experts in the rental field recommend that landlords and property managers undertake to screen tenants along with their rental applications. Should a tenant be leery of undergoing the screening process, this alone may signal that there’s trouble ahead.

One of the things that ranks as most important is whether this person has a prior criminal record. While a misdemeanor on one’s record may not be a deal breaker necessarily, someone who has committed a felony is a definite risk. Should your future tenant be listed as someone with a violent crime on their record, you may find yourself with other tenants who are fearful of living in their own homes.

A professional screener provides more answers

While you can screen individuals on your own, the information you pull up online may not be correct. Worse yet, you can easily miss hidden information that will come back to haunt you down the road. For this reason, it is best to work with a company that literally does tenant screeners for a living. These professionals know what to look for, where to find it, and why this information is of the utmost importance.

Working with a professional screening company which does tenant screening online is neither time consuming nor expensive. For an excellent example of how simple it is, take a look at the web pages of For a nominal fee, landlords and property managers receive a wealth of vital information that provides “piece of mind.”

Depending upon the situation, a property owner may wish to pay for these services themselves. Landlords who own or manage a single rental property have the ability toshare this fee with the tenant. Should this lead to an argument, it might be time to wait for further applications before rushing into anything.

Go with your instincts

Sadly, there’s one aspect of the tenant screening process which is usually overlooked. This is a face to face interview with the future tenant. If this person has suffered through a bankruptcy, take a moment to ask them why. A person who moves on a yearly basis may wish to settle down indefinitely. Responsible pet owners will prove this to you and be able to provide a letter of recommendation from their prior landlord.

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