Security is not a concern here if you hire a trustworthy provider

Security is not a concern here if you hire a trustworthy provider

We all are familiar with the word garage, it is a roofed and walled room for storing vehicle(s). Usually, garages are connected to a house. Now, if I say another word spelled self-storage, many of us may not relate this one. It is basically a big house where there is space for containers, garages, lockers, etc. This self-storage industry is growing rapidly. It is also famous in the name of self-service storage or mini storage.

Now if we look at the history of self-storage industry, we see the evidence of publicly accessible storage in ancient China. Later the Collum family of Florida opened Lauderdale Storage in Florida. Finally, the era of the self-storage facility began in 1960 in Texas. The industry was not so popular until 1990. According to a survey, in 2009, there were nearly 58,000 storage facilities in the whole world. You will be surprised to know that 46,000 of those storage facilities were located in the United States. Thus, we can tell it is a US based industry.

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Now there must be some reasons behind this ongoing popularity. First of all, self-storage is a quick deal, you neither have to book early nor need to tell them before taking back the product.Secondly, the whole system is a prepaid system, you are clear to go just after paying the required amount. Later on you may have to pay in monthly or weekly basis according to the provider. Thirdly, you can choose either an enclosed CAR STORAGE or an uncovered storage according to your budget. Both of them are awesome for the protection of your vehicle.

Now you may feel interested in these car storage facilities. However, you may be thinking about the security of your vehicle. Let me assure you that most of the service providers are registered. All you need to do is read the policies before signing the contract. Besides, most of the companies will give you multiple keys of your storage and they will keep none. So, you have to ensure the safety of your key. Moreover, there will be fully alarmed CCTV cameras all around the facility and every entry or exit will be digitally recorded. So, security is not a concern here if you hire a trustworthy provider.

Death, divorce, downsizing and dislocation are four important phases of our life. In any of these cases, we may need the help of a car storage unit. Also, you may run a transport related business and you cannot park your commercial vehicles in the residential areas. In this case, a car storage facility can help you. Besides, these places are safe 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Thus, you can save your classic car or motorcycle from bad weather or other natural disasters.

Finally, it is a profitable business for the investors as well. The whole industry is fragmented and almost 80% of the self-storage facilities are owned by individuals. As the industry is stable until now and it will be for the next few years, so you can start today if you are interested.

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