Surprising Your New Driver With a Used Car? 3 Things to Check On Used Vehicles

Surprising Your New Driver With a Used Car? 3 Things to Check On Used Vehicles

Handing your kid the keys for the first time is one of those events that every parent cherishes. However, you want to know that any car you buy for your teen will be safe and go the distance. After all, they may be using this car to drive to college. As you search for the perfect vehicle, here is what you need to know about pre-owned cars Baltimore parents feel good about giving to their kids.

Check the Mileage

There’s no way around it. Any used car will have some type of mileage on the odometer. However, you can find cars with very low mileage that your kid will still be able to drive for many years. It is also important to note that high mileage on a car that’s been well-maintained is sometimes better than a car with low mileage that hasn’t seen an oil change in a long time. Talk to your car dealer about the type of care that each car has in their history before settling on a specific mileage rate.

Inspect the Safety Features

Your kid is most likely worried about what color their car will be, but this is a good time to show them that safety comes first. Pre-owned cars Baltimore dealers sell should always have undergone a thorough inspection before they are put out on the lot. Give those safety belts a good once-over. Then, ask about additional safety features such as backup cameras that will make your teen driver safer everytime they enter the roadway.

Take It For a Test Drive

Although you want to surprise your kid, it is important to understand that cars fit everyone differently. Consider bringing your new driver along so that they can sit in the driver’s seat and make sure it is comfortable for their height and driving style. If they have a lot of sports equipment or special items they carry for work, then you may also want to make sure that the trunk and back seat are big enough to accommodate all of their belongings.

A first car represents independence. Make sure that your teen is safe and comfortable so that you never have to worry again once you hand them the keys.

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