Understanding The Importance Of Hardware Stores In NYC

Understanding The Importance Of Hardware Stores In NYC

New York City is one of the most popular cities in the country to either visit or live in. The city is always progressing and on a daily basis, it seems like a new neighborhood is being built. It is amazing to see how many individuals from all walks of life find NYC to be their new home (whether it is temporarily or permanently).

As new commercial buildings, businesses, and homes are being built every single day, we understand that everyone deserves to have a dependable hardware store NYC they can go to. Whether it is construction workers doing major work or local residents completing DIY projects, we believe in providing the best services and products possible to the local communities.

The history behind our team 

Tony Brinkman and his wife Pat decided together that it would be an amazing idea to open up a hardware store NYC. Our first Brinkmann’s hardware store was created in 1976 in Sayville. The married couple was devoted to ensuring that the local community would have a place they can depend on with both products and quality.

The mission was (and still is) to provide the essential hardware and building materials that everyone could utilize. As a company culture, we believe in treating our customers with the same type of care and passion that we would our own family.

After 4 decades of hard work, consistency, and great products/services, we were able to expand our business to multiple locations.

What services/products do we offer

With 2,000+ square feet of space at each location, we have a wide variety of products that we keep stocked in our inventories. We offer services such as Key Duplication Copying and Plumbing supplies to the local community.

We understand how busy everyone can be in NYC and it is common for individuals to lose or misplace their keys on a daily basis. We also understand that plumbing is an essential need for each business and household. It can be a very detrimental situation to not have these services available at a moment’s notice when living (or operating a business) in NYC.

The products that we offer all come from big name (and reputable brands) such as Weber, Yeti, Scotts, Ariens, Benjamin Moore, Stihl, Benjamin Moore, and Scoots. All of the essential paint supplies, propane equipment, and lawn care products that you need, we have.

The locations (and contact information) that you can find us at 

We have a variety of locations within the local area and if you would like to find the closest one to you, here is the contact information for each location.

Sayville: 15 Foster Avenue Sayville, NY 11782. For hardware, feel free to call (631) 567-6899. For paint supplies, you can call (631 589-2462).

Blue Point: 125 MontakuHighway, Blue Point, NY 11715. Our main phone number at this location for hardware is (631) 363-2116.

Holbrook. 999 Main Street Holdbrook, NY 11741. For hardware please call (631) 285-7890. For paint inquires, you can reach our team at (631) 285-7675.

Miller Place: 900 Rte 25A Miller Place, NY 11764. For hardware you can reach our team at (631) 209-1462. For your paint needs, you can reach our team at (631) 209-1462.

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