USA One Way Rentals

USA One Way Rentals

If you have a journey planned where you will be travelling to one destination in the US and not returning to your original starting point, you may have not even thought about taking out an RV rental for the trip. A typical RV rental includes bringing the vehicle back to the same location where you picked it up within a designated time frame. Since you will not be returning on your journey, a traditional rental will obviously not work out for you. Fortunately there is an option called a one way rental that will work just fine for a trip such as yours.

The One Way Rental Basics

Many of the RV rental locations across the US have the option to purchase a one way rental where you can drive to a certain location and drop off the vehicle without having to return it to the original location. This is beneficial to the rental agencies since the cost of shipping vehicles across the country to their other locations is astronomical. Therefore, it is in the best interests of the dealership to allow individuals to rent an RV and drive it to a designated location. This can be you, which is the beauty of the one way rental.

The basics are pretty simple. You will be given the exact location of the dealership and a timeframe in which you will have to deliver the vehicle. Then you will set out on your journey, free to use the RV as you would in a normal rental. You can park and camp, enjoy the sights, and take advantage of outdoor activities along the way. The only different is that you wont have to drive back. Just drop off the vehicle and you will be free to go on your way.

The Pros

One way rentals are perfect for those who will be travelling on to further destinations and are not sure when they will be coming back. They are also perfect for individuals planning to stay at their planned destination. Not having to re-deliver the RV will free you up from this obligation and allow for you to enjoy your trip just the way you want.

Another great thing about the one way rental is that it is less expensive than the full two way rental. You can often get a one way rental for half price, so budget travelers will certainly want to look into this option in order to save some cash on their journeys.

The Cons

One thing to remember when it comes to the one way rental is that there is a certain time limit that will be set for delivery of the vehicle. Some time frames are longer than others, so will want to make certain that you will be able to fit in all that you wish to accomplish on your trip within the time frame given. It will be important to shop around in order to make sure you can get a one way rental that gives you enough time to do all you have planned.

Of course, the idea of not returning the vehicle can also be a con. If you are simply taking on a one way rental in order to save money, then you will be presented with the burden of having to find your own way back. Another thing to consider is that your equipment will need to be unloaded at the intended destination. You will have to have a plan for what to do with your gear on the other end, which can indeed be a burden.

If you have a trip planned where you won’t be returning to your original destination, then a one way rental is certainly an option to look into.

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